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Running the SmoLiteApiSample on SQL Server Express with .NET 3.5

Mar 22, 2015 at 4:17 PM
To get the SmoLiteApiSample running on SQL Server Express 2008 R2:

// Change connection to:
        server.ConnectionContext.ServerInstance = @"(local)\SQLEXPRESS";
// Comment out:
        //FullTextCatalog fullTextCatalog = new FullTextCatalog(database, "SampleCatalog");

// and:
        //FullTextIndex fullTextIndex = new FullTextIndex();
        //fullTextIndex.CatalogName = "SampleCatalog";
        //fullTextIndex.UniqueIndexName = viewIndex.Name;
        //fullTextIndex.IndexedColumns.Add(new FullTextIndexColumn("Name"));
        //view.FullTextIndex = fullTextIndex;

Note: with some slight changes the code can run on .NET 3.5, in SmoLiteApi reference: